Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Program

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Affordable Chapter 7 Bankruptcy?

Money gets tight, things get hectic, and the next thing you know your debts have become overwhelming. It happens to a lot of people and bankruptcy can be your salvation. But the downside to bankruptcy is that it costs money.

Obviously, money is tight if you’re considering filing for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy and that means financing a bankruptcy can be difficult. But you have an option.

No Money Down Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

The attorneys at Jensen Bagnato are here to help guide you through the bankruptcy process, but we’ll also help you finance that bankruptcy.

Jensen Bagnato is one of the only law firms on the East Coast offering no money down chapter 7 bankruptcies. That means you get the relief and fresh start of a bankruptcy without the pressure of an expensive, up-front payment.

With our no money down chapter 7 bankruptcy program, we give you a free consultation, help you file for an emergency bankruptcy and then give you an interest-free loan that you can repay over a flexible schedule. Your loan is also reported to the credit bureau, so as you repay the loan, you immediately start rebuilding your credit. The first payment of this loan isn’t due until thirty days after filing and the only cost you pay up-front is the actual filing fee.

Get a Fresh Start

You could scrounge to find the money to afford the costs of chapter 7 bankruptcy.

Or you can stop wage garnishments, harassment from collectors, and foreclosures today and start over with a clean slate with a no money down bankruptcy.

Find out if you qualify for this program today!