Common Summertime Injuries

Do you remember when you were a kid, how you counted down to summer vacation? No matter how much you liked your teachers, your friends, or even the fun of playing in the snow during winter, summer just felt like things were easier and more enjoyable. Even though it’s been years since you were in school, you still can feel that shift when the summer months roll around. Unfortunately, the sense that summer is time to let loose and let go can also lead to injuries. We need to take just as much care when it’s warm out like every other time of the year and watch out for the most common summertime injuries.

  1. Too much time out in the heat and sun

Unfortunately, during the summer the emergency rooms are filled with people who have been out in the heat and sun too long. They get dehydrated, they get sunburned, and they exert themselves too much when the temperatures are too high. People who are responsible for children (such as camp counselors and sports coaches) need to take care and make sure that they are providing appropriate supervision to make sure everybody stays safe and healthy.

  1. Swimming injuries and drowning

Summertime almost always involves time in the water, usually in a pool or a lake or the ocean. People can get hurt in all types of ways in the water: drowning is the obvious concern, but there are other risks such as jumping into water that is too shallow or boating injuries. Make sure that lifeguards are present for kids and adults alike, that pools are kept secured from children who might wander onto your property, and that adult supervision is always available.

  1. Burns

From careless use of fireworks to getting too close to campfires while toasting marshmallows, don’t let your summer fun turn into time for a hospital visit.

  1. Food poisoning

Attending a family picnic or barbeque, or an outdoor party hosted by a local restaurant? When people let food sit out in the heat for too long or don’t wash produce carefully, bacteria can quickly turn a beautiful day into an illness that lasts for weeks – and can even kill, depending upon exactly how contaminated the food is.

Of course, there are lots of other risks lurking in the lazy summer days: sports injuries and insect stings, sunburn and poison ivy. Take care and make sure that the people responsible for your fun are taking their role seriously. If you or somebody you love has sustained a personal injury, contact us today to learn about your rights.