Do I Need an Attorney for a Divorce?

Do you remember the days when people would talk about flying to Nevada to get a quickie divorce? No lawyer, no court, the story was that you could walk into an office, pay a small fee, sign the papers, and you were no longer married.

The truth is that – unlike the famed Vegas quickie marriages – the fastest divorce process in Nevada takes several days. Still, the clear message arising from the myth is that people would love a way to get out of marriage as quickly and easily as possible. If you’re facing divorce and wondering whether it’s possible to take care of things quickly, easily, and without having to hire an attorney, here’s what you need to know.

Do-it-yourself divorce is definitely a possibility, but it’s an incredibly hard thing to do if there are any issues upon which the two of you disagree. If there are no children and either no assets to argue over or you’re in complete accord as to who gets what and how things get divided, it is definitely possible to go online, look up all of the steps and requirements, and walk through the process yourself. It essentially involves printing and filling out forms, filing them at the courthouse, waiting, and then filling out and signing more forms.  If you can follow instructions, you can do it.

Of course, the truth is that there are not that many divorces that are that easy or simple. What may have seemed clear-cut when you have your first discussions can turn quickly. If that is the case and you find that you need somebody to intervene, you may still be able to go without an attorney and choose to work with a mediator instead. A mediator is a good solution when you are in a low-conflict situation and simply need help determining what’s fair. Sessions can be held separately or together, and a mediator can even help expedite the process if one or both of you have already hired an attorney.

Though these options work for some people, in most cases individuals facing divorce will benefit from a consultation with a divorce attorney, who will explain the laws involved, how the process works, and what you’re entitled to. For information on how we can help, contact our experienced divorce attorneys.