Emotionally Preparing your Child Before Divorce

Divorce can be hardest on the children of separating spouses. However, it doesn’t have to be traumatic for them during the process. Even if the two spouses are not parting ways amicably, there are ways to ensure your child is the least emotionally affected as possible. The biggest part of this process is continual communication. Open honesty can go a long way, even if you feel they need to be sheltered. With a few tips, emotional preparations can be made for your child before the paperwork is filed.

Honest Discussion

Your child will have a lot of questions and being honest can help alleviate future issues. When your child asks why you are divorcing, they are actually asking if it is their fault. While the parental instinct can be to protect a child from negativity, telling the child what is happening and why it is happening can help them in the long run. Rather than saying you and your spouse still love each other very much, give them tangible reasons for the separation. If you and your spouse were fighting in front of the child, be honest about the fighting and note separating will help alleviate those arguments and lead to a happier family.

Focus on the Future

Focusing on the past won’t help anyone involved. When discussing the divorce with your child, focus on what is happening now and what will happen. Children get the most anxious when they are unsure of what tomorrow will bring. Rather than saying your spouse cheated, tell your child you and your spouse are focusing on your futures and will be doing so separately. Instead of focusing on financial uncertainty, focus on finding your own career or letting your child know what things you will be doing about those hardships without saying finances are difficult.

Consider Therapy

Sometimes a child needs to be heard, but there are times when a parent can’t lend the ear they need. Giving your child a safe space where they can vocalize feelings they may feel too guilty to put on your shoulders can help. Even further, a therapist will have coping mechanisms and industry advice for getting through this difficult time that you won’t have to offer.

Getting through your divorce quicker and with fewer complications will also help your child. Contact our team today to find out how we can help streamline the process to have less of a lasting effect on your family.