Why Should I Hire a Philadelphia Adoption Lawyer to Help Me Adopt?

If you are an individual or couple looking to grow your family through adoption, you are embarking on a journey that is built on the future. But no matter how optimistic and hopeful you are, it is essential that you have legal representation that will help you make decisions about how to proceed and set important protections in place to ensure that the entire process is done legally and safely. The lawyers at Erik B. Jensen Attorneys at Law are experienced Philadelphia adoption lawyers who are here to help you adopt.

There are a number of different ways that prospective parents can be brought together with children in need of a family. Whether you are pursuing a private adoption, working with an adoption agency, interested in a stepparent adoption or same-sex parent adoption, or any other type, we are able to offer you knowledgeable legal services. We are also experienced in providing representation to birth parents that are in need of guidance about the options that are available to them, and to adoption agencies.  It is our goal to ensure that we protect the interests of our clients and ensure that they understand all of their rights and the laws that apply to their particular situation.

There are many different types of adoption and situationsfor which we are able to provide legal guidance, including:

  • Agency Adoptions – Adoption agencies are licensed by the state, and are required to meet certain standards in order to maintain their license. They offer a number of adoption-related services, including home studies, matching, counseling, placement, and reporting and supervision after placement has taken place.
  • Private Adoptions – Private adoptions do not involve an agency intermediary, which means that every aspect of the person-to-person transaction must be addressed legally. This includes spelling out and implementing all of the steps involved in placement and taking custody, including negotiating all of the terms of the adoption and preparing all of the documents, explaining all of the information contained in the documents, and communicating all legal aspects to involved third parties such as hospitals and medical personnel. For adoptions that include different states it also includes getting approval from both the sending and receiving states as per the Instate Compact on the Placement of Children.
  • Same Sex Adoptions – There are a number of unique challenges that may arise when same sex families pursue adoptions. We provide legal representation that provides equal and full parental rights, as well as appropriate protection for the adopted child’s rights.
  • Second Parent of Stepparent Adoptions – Adoption is often the answer when a stepparent’s role in a child’s life needs to be established legally or when a stepchild’s status needs to be equalized with siblings living in the same household.

Whatever type of adoption you are investigating or hoping to achieve, having experienced legal representation is required. For Philadelphia adoption lawyers who can help you adopt, contact Erik B. Jensen Attorneys at Law.

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