Humanitarian Relief in Immigration Law: Understanding Asylum and Refugees

Immigration, asylum, and how to manage refugees a frequent topics on the lips of pundits and politicians and the front pages of newspapers and news magazines. While there is much to be debated about policy and the correct way to improve America’s immigration system, it is important that we not lose sight of the humanitarian relief that granting asylum represents, and its role in immigration law.

People who are seeking asylum, whether in the United States or anywhere else in the world, are looking for protections that are not afforded to them in their home countries. Refugees seek asylum because they have been negatively impacted by persecution, violence, conflict, or other serious threats. They have been forced to flee their homes, sometimes because of war, but often because of factors such as their race, gender, religion, or membership in a particular group such as a political party, people with disabilities, or people who are LGBTQ.

Working to secure legal immigration on behalf of refugees is a calling as much as a job for an immigration attorney. Immigration attorneys recognize that the individuals they are representing are deserving of human rights and freedom from persecution and that they need to feel safe. They also support the U.S. laws in working to secure those rights on their behalf.

The laws in the United States may be a constant topic of debate, but they are clear as to the steps that asylum seekers and refugees need to follow to be granted asylum. It is important that anybody who wants to help an individual or group immigrate or seek asylum work with an experienced immigration attorney to ensure that all of those steps are being taken.

An experienced immigration attorney can help an asylum seeker in many ways. They can provide an informed assessment of your case to see whether you are eligible based on current immigration law, and if you are they can help with gathering and organizing all of the needed documentation and evidence in support of your claim. They will also help you prepare and submit all necessary applications and represent you in all interactions with government officials.

Our immigration attorneys will never forget that there is a real human need behind every asylum application. For information on how we can work as immigration advocates, contact us today.