In An Accident? Make Sure Your Car Been Hasn’t Recalled

Today, cars are made far better than they once were: they last longer and are far safer. The improvements introduced by technology and robust quality control have not, however, been foolproof. Cars are still being recalled on a regular basis, with some recalls issued over minor items and others over significant safety lapses that endanger consumers’ lives. If you are driving a vehicle that has been recalled, you need to know it so that you can take appropriate action to get the situation addressed before the problem becomes an issue. Likewise, if you suffer damages as a result of a problem in a car that has been recalled, you may be entitled to damage from the manufacturer and others. The first step in determining the proper course of action is to determine whether your car has been recalled.

When a car is recalled the process is managed through the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), which oversees millions of recalls every year. Though manufacturers will generally post these recalls on their websites and are supposed to issue notices to vehicle owners, the easiest and fastest method of checking on car recalls is through the MyCARFAX app which can be downloaded for free on both iPhone and Android. The app not only provides the most updated car recall information but also provides invaluable information on each vehicle’s service history. The only information you need is the vehicle identification number or VIN, which can be found on the car’s title, insurance documents or registration code. You can also generally find the VIN on the car itself. If you find that your car has been recalled, it is essential that you act quickly by contacting a nearby dealership and scheduling an appointment to get the issue addressed. A recall means that the repair will be taken care of at no cost to you.

Discovering that your vehicle has been recalled demands quick actions, especially if the recall is a matter of safety. Defects involving airbags, tires, steering, accelerators, breaks or electrical systems have led to significant injuries and even deaths in recent years. The automobile manufacturers recall vehicles in order to make cars safer, but also to protect themselves from financial liability in case anybody gets hurt in a car that was manufactured and sold with a defect.

If you or someone you love has suffered as a result of a defective automobile part, you need legal representation to ensure that you get the compensation to which you are entitled. Contact us today to set up a consultation and discuss your situation.