Juvenile Crimes 101 – From an Experienced Philadelphia Juvenile Crimes Attorney

As parents, we work hard to make sure that our children learn and understand the difference between right and wrong, but sometimes they make mistakes and get involved in illegal activities If you are the parent of a juvenile who has been charged with committing a crime in Philadelphia, then it is important that you work with a Philadelphia juvenile crimes attorney who has familiarity with the system. The lawyers of Erik B. Jensen Attorneys at Law will work with you and your child, making sure that you understand every step of the Juvenile Court Process and that we provide you with a strong defense against any and all charges against them. Call us today to set up a consultation and see how we can help.


The experience of having your child arrested can be frightening and very upsetting, but it is important to remember that approximately one out of every three cases where a juvenile is arrested, it never goes to court. In some cases the charges are simply dropped and your child will be sent home with a warning, or a Philadelphia juvenile crimes attorney will successfully argue for probation.  On the other hand, if the crime that your child is charged with is extremely serious then they may be charged as an adult. There is a wide range of discretion in juvenile cases, and the initial decisions are usually made by the probation officer and the prosecutor.


When your child is arrested for committing a crime, he or she will be referred to the juvenile probation office and matched with an officer who will evaluate them and the crime that they have been charged with committing. If the decision is made that the case needs to be handled by the court, there is a chance that your child will be detained. This happens when charges are very serious or when the court questions whether your child will appear on their court date. If this happens to your child, the Philadelphia juvenile crimes attorneys from Erik B. Jensen Attorneys at Law will work diligently to keep your child from being detained, presenting evidence to show that home detention with a ankle bracelet prior to trial would be beneficial for all involved.


A juvenile who has been charged with committing a crime is required to attend a number of hearings prior to their adjudicatory hearing, which is where their guilt or innocence will be determined. Having an experienced Philadelphia juvenile crimes attorney by your child’s side at each of these meetings means that their rights will be protected and they have the opportunity to tell their side of the story. The lawyers of Erik B. Jensen Attorneys at Law will act as your child’s voice, both defending them and working hard to make sure that they are provided with an effective and passionate defense.

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