Legal Advice for a New Startup

Start-up companies are built on good ideas, by people who have the confidence in themselves and their vision to move forward with them. They are, almost by definition, optimistic. Unfortunately, many of the visionaries who decide to take the leap and move forward with their businesses fail to pursue legal advice. Whether this is because they aren’t aware of the many legal pitfalls that can befall a new startup or because they believe in themselves so much that they think they can handle legal issues on their own, failing to pursue legal advice can be a very big mistake. Here are just some of the ways and issues that an attorney’s legal advice can provide a big benefit.

  • Most new businesses will need to apply for licenses or permits, or to register with their municipality or state. Attorneys will be able to provide you with that service or offer legal advice on what you need to do and what is not necessary.
  • Whether you need to sign a lease for office space or a purchase agreement for essential equipment or services, an attorney can provide you with legal advice on any contracts you need to sign, as well as to help you craft contracts for your own services.
  • Making the decision about what type of business entity you want your small business to be formed as is critical to how you will do business and how you will pay your taxes. It is essential that you get legal advice from an attorney who has extensive knowledge of the various requirements and ramifications of that decision.
  • If you plan on doing business across state lines, there may be laws that you need to be aware of in order to ensure that you are in compliance and strict conformity as to your business form.
  • One of the most important things that any business will require legal advice about is liability. If you do not provide yourself with the proper protections, you stand the chance of losing all of your personal assets. Getting legal advice from an experienced attorney will help you to minimize your risk and establish your business in a way that protects you and the things that you have worked so hard to accomplish.

To make sure that your start-up has every advantage as it moves into the future, you need solid, experienced legal advice. Contact us today to set up an appointment to discuss how we can help.