Get the Legal Help You Need, Pay Easily

Jensen Bagnato has partnered with LawPay to expand our payment and financing options!

It’s always been our firm belief that legal help is something that should be accessible.

Whether you’re facing an immigration or criminal issue or going through a difficult divorce or other civil matter, money can be tight when you engage the services of an attorney. And many settle for sub-par legal aid to cut the costs. But you need to do what’s in your best interest when your backs against the wall, and experience can make the difference. That’s why our team of courtroom-tested attorneys has made it our mission to make sound legal advice easily accessible with free consultations and financing that suits your situation.

We’re proud to partner with LawPay to expand our current payment and financing options to include credit card and e-check payments, along with Pay Later. Pay Later allows you to access the legal help you need now and pay over a period of time. So, you can discuss your unique situation with a compassionate and experienced attorney for free and then figure out which payment method works for you, or if financing will better suit your current needs.

If you need legal help, our experienced legal team is here for you. Get in touch!