License Surcharges and Suspension Under New Jersey Traffic Law

In the state of New Jersey, having 12 points on your license automatically leads to suspension. It seems like a large number of points, but they can add up quickly. Three points are removed from a license when one year passes without any violations and points can be removed if the driver completes an approved driver improvement program, which can only be done every two years.

Even with the removal of points, they can accumulate quickly. Two point violations are common and can come from driving too slowly and blocking traffic, driving between one and 14 miles over the speed limit, and failing to yield to a pedestrian. Once a driver hits six points accumulated, which is not difficult in the congested state, surcharges are added. It’s easy for a safe driver to wind up with a large number of points on their license quickly, even when trying to avoid violations.

However, receiving points on your license doesn’t mean resigning to surcharges and a loss of license. Instead, looking at the available options can lead to a better outcome for the driver.

Options for Avoiding Surcharges and Suspensions

Getting the best outcome comes down to understanding what options are available to you. There are a few ways to work around surcharges and suspension but there are two ways that often yield the best results.

Working with the Prosecutor

Whether you have a lawyer with you, which is the best practice, or have a lesser charge and decide to go to court alone, a prosecutor is not your enemy. In many cases, a prosecutor will offer a lesser charge or a charge that doesn’t have points attached to it but will select a higher payment amount. While the outcome will often cost a bit more money in many cases, there are payment plans available and the points will stay off your record. For lesser charges, they could be fully dropped and you would only have to pay the court fees.

Defensive Driver’s Course

If you can’t get the points reduced from your charge, you still have options in lowering your points. The easiest way is to complete an approved course, which will typically take two points off your license. However, it is important to know you can only take a certain number of courses throughout a period of time and the courses must be approved by the state. Driving without accumulating more violations will also take three points off your license each year without incident.

If you’re facing traffic law violations, having the right legal representation could sway the outcome more favorably. Contact our team today to find out how we can help keep your license intact.