Military Family Law Attorneys – How We Help Military Families in Philadelphia

Every family law issue requires extensive knowledge of the law and a sense of compassion and understanding for the parties involved, but when a military family is facing a family law issue, there are additional complexities that require experience and familiarity of military law and processes. The Military family law attorneys at Erik B. Jensen Attorneys at Law are here to provide legal representation to military men and women and their families, helping with the difficult issues of divorce, child custody, spousal and child support, and more. Call us today and let our skill and knowledge work to your benefit.


If you are a member of a military family, then you are well aware that the armed services have unique procedures impacting nearly every aspect of life, as well as all members of the family. Matters of family law are no exception, and when the stress of military life or marriage itself causes a marriage to dissolve, legal issues such as custody and visitation, divorce, alimony/support, military pension division and Survivor Benefit Plans require specialized knowledge. It is imperative that you put yourself in the hands of an attorney who is already aware of the different procedures and rules that are imposed by the military and who can make sure that everything is done properly and efficiently.


The issues that make a divorce or family issues challenging for civilian families are even more difficult for those in the military. Some examples of the areas that the military family law attorneys of Erik B. Jensen Attorneys at Law can help include:


  • Military Child Support
  • Military Child Care Act
  • Military Child Visitation
  • Military Child Custody
  • Military Marriage Laws
  • Military Children Born Abroad


Despite the fact that marital matters are highly personal, military law winds its way through all of the legal proceedings of service personnel’s lives, and divorce is no exception. Even the state in which a divorce is filed is important, as a military law called the “Uniformed Services Former Spouses’ Protection Act” (USFSPA) dictates that it is the state where the military member resides that has the authority to divide a military pension in a divorce, so it is essential that the filing takes place in the correct state. Having an attorney who is familiar with nuances of military law such as this is the best way for you to ensure that your case will be handled in a way that ensures that your rights are protected and your stress is minimized.


Military law issues can be complicated by many of the unique aspects of military life, such as active duty service members being deployed overseas and able to request a stay on legal proceedings. Putting your case into the hands of Erik B. Jensen Attorneys At Law means that you have equipping yourself with lawyers who are familiar with the particular complexities involved in military law situations, and fully capable of anticipating and handling each issue that arises. Call us today to set up a convenient appointment.

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