Most Common Injuries in Personal Injury Lawsuits

As frustrating and stressful as daily life can feel, you don’t realize how normal – and enjoyable – things are until something truly disruptive happens. Suffering a serious personal injury is a perfect example and one that happens to more people than you think. Only about five percent of personal injury lawsuits actually make it to trial – the vast majority are settled out of court — so it is impossible to tell exactly how many are filed each year. But experts estimate the total number at about half a million, with the majority being accidents involving vehicles ranging from cars and motorcycles to buses and trains, and tractor-trailers.

The potential physical damage suffered by passengers and pedestrians is enormous, but vehicular accidents are not the only incidents that result in serious personal injury worthy of legal action. Other common injuries for which you might need a personal injury attorney include:

  • Slip and fall accidents. Though the term “slip and fall” lends itself to an image of a minor moment of clumsiness, the reality is that a fall can have serious, and even deadly, outcomes ranging from sprains, strains, and broken limbs to catastrophic head injuries and paralysis.
  • Animal bites. Dogs may be man’s best friend, but they can also be vicious and aggressive. Dog bites can inflict traumatic, disfiguring injuries and dog attacks have led to tragic deaths.
  • When we hear the word assault we think of crimes and prosecution by the justice system. But assault victims are nothing more than witnesses in criminal cases. It is only in civil court that somebody who has suffered as a result of an assault – whether physically or emotionally – can pursue compensation for their damages.
  • Medical malpractice. We turn to medical professionals for their expertise. Though accidents and mistakes can happen, when a healthcare worker fails to uphold their duty of care, it represents a form of negligence.
  • Workplace accidents. Injuries can occur in all types of work settings. While construction sites may be among the most obvious, people can suffer serious injuries anywhere, including office buildings, retail shops, and industrial settings. Though workers’ compensation laws prohibit employees from suing employers, personal injury claims can be filed against third parties whose negligence or defective products contributed to their damages.

There are many other grounds for filing a personal injury claim, including premises or product liability. Understanding your rights is the first step. Contact us today to learn more about your options.