Non-Immigrant Visas

Non immigrant Visa Attorneys Pennsylvania

A non immigrant visa is a temporary visa that allows skilled foreign nationals to live and work in the United States. Once the employee is here in the United States the permanent residency process begins. Non immigrant visas benefit the company hiring the individual as well as the employee as the employee is able to come here much faster.

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Dual Intent

Several types of visas are deemed ‘dual intent’ visas. A dual intent visa affords the employee the utmost in flexibility regarding traveling while their permanent residency immigration petition in being processed.
Dual Intent visas allow foreigners to be temporarily present in the U.S. with lawful status and immigrant intent. A dual intent visa also allows them to maintain their initial non immigrant status. The following are types of dual intent visas:

H-1B Visas

L- Intra Company Transfers

O- Aliens of Extraordinary Ability

P- Performing Artists & Athletes

Other Non Immigrant Visas

If you or your employee is a temporary visitor in the United States and are interested in beginning the immigration under a dual intent visa please call Pennsylvania Non immigrant Visa Lawyers at The Law Office of Erik B. Jensen. We can help prepare visa applications for any of the following professional positions:

A – Diplomatic Ambassadors

B – Visitors for Business/Pleasure

C – Foreign National In Transit

D – Crewpersons

E – Treaty Traders & Investors

E – 3 Australian Specialty Occupation Workers

F – International Student

G – Foreign Government Agencies

H – Temporary Workers

I – Foreign Media Representatives

J – Exchange Visitors

K – Fiance’ of U.S. Citizen

M – International Vocational Student

N – Children of Special Immigrants

Q – Cultural Exchange Visa

R – Religious Visa

S – Special Snitch Status (LEA)

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