Judgment Relief

Pennsylvania Judgment Relief Laws

In Pennsylvania if you, for whatever reason, are unable to pay your bills certain creditors may ultimately file a judgment against you. There is a legal process involved for filing a judgment against someone in Pennsylvania and is usually done as a last resort by the creditor. If you have judgments against you you do have options. It is a wise move to speak with a Philadelphia Bankruptcy Lawyer today to discuss those options.

Removing Judgments From A Credit Report In Pennsylvania

If you have judgments against you in Pennsylvania the creditors and debt collectors may ultimately be able to have your wages and bank accounts garnished. This happens because the judgment is the end result of a lawsuit the creditor has filed against you. A judgment can also ruin your credit rating for years to come.

You may have options in the way of filing bankruptcy as a means of getting the judgments off of your record. For instance, if you have a judgment against you it may be able to removed by filing Chapter 13 bankruptcy and ultimately paying the debt off via the payment plan. Consulting with a skilled and experienced Philadelphia Bankruptcy Lawyer will ensure that all viable options are explained to you so that you can make the best decision possible for your financial future.

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