Bench Warrants

Bench Warrants In Philadelphia

A bench warrant is issued in response to a failure to comply with some kind of court order. In most cases the original order in question will have stated that a person needed to appear in court on a specific day, either to defend themselves or to provide testimony in a case. Failure to appear is viewed as contempt of court, and results in the judge issuing the bench warrant calling for the person to be brought back to court. A police officer can either treat the bench warrant as an arrest warrant and seek out the noncompliant person, but in most cases it will be called into play when the person has any type of encounter with the police, even for a minor infraction such as a traffic stop.

When a Philadelphia bench warrant is issued, the person’s name is entered into a statewide computer system that is available to the entire law enforcement community. That means that any chance meeting with a police officer – even something like being the victim of a crime – can result in your name being pulled up and you being taken into custody.

If you have an outstanding Philadelphia bench warrant, it is best to take action to resolve it rather than having to live with the constant stress and fear of being brought in by force. There are a number of different ways that a bench warrant can be easily resolved, including contacting the court of the police department and making arrangements to come in and pay bail and having the bench warrant resolved. Though you will still be obligated to comply with the court’s original order, coming in on on your own terms is far desirable to having the police arrest you and bring you in to court under duress.

One of the best ways to address an outstanding Philadelphia bench warrant is to have it handled by an experienced Philadelphia criminal defense attorney. The professionals at Jensen Bagnato, P.C. have extensive knowledge of the court system and will be able to help you resolve the issue quickly and easily. We may even be able to find a way to help you avoid having to pay bail a second time or to pay increased fines.

In most cases, bench warrants are issued in Philadelphia for neglecting to appear in court; for neglecting to pay fines or child support; or for violating a court order such as performing community service. Taking a proactive stance and recognizing that your noncompliance was a violation of the court’s trust is a better option than having to appear in front of a judge after having been caught by the police. Working with an experienced criminal defense attorney to resolve the situation will put you in much better standing with the judge and will likely minimize the severity of the consequences. Contact us today for immediate assistance.