Probation Parole Violations

Philadelphia Parole Violations Attorney

When you have been charged with violating the terms of your probation or parole, you want an experienced lawyer to protect your interests. Because probation violation is not a bondable offense, if your probation officer seeks a detainer on you, you could wind up in jail until the court schedules a hearing. You want an attorney who knows the law and process regarding probation parole violations, one who has successfully represented others in similar circumstances.

At Jensen Bagnato, P.C., a Professional Corporation, our lawyers have protected the rights of criminal defendants in Pennsylvania and New Jersey since 1984, including people charged with probation or parole violation. We take an aggressive stance on behalf of our criminal defense clients, using our knowledge, skill and experience to protect your constitutional rights. We believe that everyone is entitled to the best criminal defense, based on who you are and what you need, not just what you can pay. We will be there for you throughout the process, working hard to protect your interests.

Experienced Representation in Probation and Parole Violations

If you have been sentenced to probation or parole, you need to pay close attention to what you can and cannot do. Actions that would not be illegal for others may be in violation of the terms of your release, including

  • use or purchase of beer or liquor
  • positive breath, blood or urine tests
  • purchase or possession of a weapon
  • loss of employment
  • failure to notify your parole or probation officer of a relocation or new job
  • failing a required drug test
  • being in the company of known felons

You can also violate probation or parole by failing to report to your assigned officer, or failing to pay all costs and fines associated with your conviction. If you are in violation of parole or probation, you can be arrested and face the revocation of probation or parole.

At Jensen Bagnato, P.C., we know how to effectively prepare probation and parole violation cases so that judges are willing to listen and stop short of sending you back to jail. In many circumstances, we can avoid incarceration by accepting greater supervision by and communication with your probation or parole officer.

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