White Collar Crimes

White Collar Crimes

If you are a business professional who has been in a position of trust, and you believe you are under investigation for criminal activity based on your position, you want an experienced attorney to help you take all the measures you can to protect yourself. These types of allegations, known as white collar crimes, have become highly publicized in recent years. Simply being accused of such a crime can have a permanent effect on your professional career.

At the offices of Jensen Bagnato, P.C., a Professional Corporation, our lawyers have protected the rights of people in Pennsylvania and New Jersey since 1984, including individuals charged with so-called white collar crimes. We are dedicated to providing the strongest defense for you, based on who you are and what you need, not just what you can pay. When you hire us to defend you on a white collar crime, we will be there with you throughout the process, making certain that all your constitutional rights are safeguarded.

Our White Collar Crime Defense Practice

We work with people who are under investigation for or have charged with a white collar crime, including

  • embezzlement, misappropriation, theft of trade secrets and other employee theft charges.
  • fraud, including bank, insurance, medical, mortgage, Medicare, wire or mail fraud.
  • tax crimes, such as tax fraud and tax evasion
  • identity theft – taking or using someone else’s name or personal information for financial gain

We also defend people charged with perjury, forgery, bribery, money laundering and RICO violations.

When you hire us to defend you in a white collar crime case, we will conduct a comprehensive investigation of the facts and circumstances of your case. White collar crimes often involve complex financial record keeping and transactions. We have a strong understanding of the types of evidence that prosecutors use in these cases, having handled tax crimes defense for years.

If you face white collar crime charges or are the target of an investigation, don’t talk with investigators or the police. You may end up making statements that can be twisted to strengthen the case against you.

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