DUI Plea Options

Pennsylvania DUI Plea Options

Facing a DUI chargeĀ in Philadelphia is scary as you are vulnerable on several levels. Having an experienced DUI defense attorney on your side offers many advantages. One advantage is attorneys know the law and the Pennsylvania legal system much more in depth than you. In society today the internet provides us with a vast amount of information, some of it is accurate and some is not. When it comes to defending a DUI charge it is always advantageous to hire a skilled and experienced Philadelphia DUI Defense Lawyer.

If charged with a DUI in the Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania area, an experienced criminal defense attorney will strive to get it dismissed and all charges will be dropped. Or, perhaps you may be eligible for some alternative sentencing options such as the ARD Program. Or, perhaps there are plea options that will make the charge not as harsh. Sometimes an attorney can get a DUI charge reduced to some lesser charge such as Reckless Driving-Alcohol Related. A skilled, experienced and competent Philadelphia DUI Defense Attorney can help decide if this option may work for you.

Reckless Driving-Alcohol Related Laws In Pennsylvania

In some instances Pennsylvania DUI charges can be reduced from DUI to Reckless Driving Alcohol Related, also known as ‘wet reckless’. This reduction of charges is only possible if circumstances surrounding your case allow for it. Having the prosecution accept your plea depends upon factors such as:

  • Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) level: the closer your BAC is to the legal limit of .08 the better your odds are of having a wet reckless plea accepted by the prosecution
  • Was There An Auto Accident: If there was an auto accident involved in your DUI, even if it was not your fault, there is minimal chance of having DUI reduced to Reckless Driving Alcohol Related.
  • Prior DUI Record: If you have no prior DUI’s that is very beneficial in having your plea accepted
  • Criminal Record/Criminal History: If you have a prior criminal record, or numerous serious traffic offenses it may become more difficult in having your plea accepted
  • Are You Facing Peripheral Charges: Were there drugsĀ or open containers in your vehicle at time of arrest? Did you evade police, flee the scene or resist arrest?

Pennsylvania Reckless Driving Alcohol Related Penalties

If your pending DUI charge is reduced down to a Reckless Driving Alcohol Related the legal consequences differ slightly from traditional DUI conviction penalties. If you have a prior DUI conviction you may still be able to plead it down but the chances are greatly reduced. This is especially true if the 2 arrests were not far apart in terms of time.

A conviction for Reckless Driving-Alcohol Related carries with it the same consequences as a normal reckless driving conviction. The primary difference is that in a Reckless Driving Alcohol Related conviction you will have to successfully complete a state mandated and state approved alcohol education/treatment course. Aside from not having a DUI conviction on your driving or criminal record the biggest benefit of pleading down to Reckless Driving Alcohol Related is that your license will not be suspended or revoked as with a DUI. This alone can help to keep your life more manageable on several levels. On the down side, you can still lose your license if you are not successful in the administrative hearing. As well, a conviction for Alcohol Related Reckless Driving would count as a DUI offense for purposes of sentencing if you were again arrested for DUI.

Let A Philadelphia DUI Attorney Help You

Having your DUI charge reduced to an Alcohol Related Reckless Driving is not as simple as it sounds. It is typically something you cannot do on your own without the aid of an experienced DUI attorney. Should you choose to represent yourself you can ask for it but the odds are substantially less without the expertise of a lawyer. A DUI conviction is a serious matter due to the heavy financial penalties along with the mandatory license suspension. Losing your driving privileges alone can turn your life upside down. Retaining an DUI Defense Lawyer makes sense and will help you immensely.

Contact A Philadelphia DUI Defense Lawyer

Consulting with a DUI defense lawyer is very beneficial to your DUI case. An experienced attorney will plan a strategic and sound defense for you and they will make sure your rights are protected every step of the way. Call the Philadelphia DUI Defense Lawyers at Jensen Bagnato, P.C. to discuss your case. With their experience serving those charged with DUI in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania they will aggressively protect your rights while attempting to minimize the repercussions of your DUI charges.