Family Law

Philadelphia Family Law Attorneys

Family law addresses a number of critically important issues, including marriage and divorce, child custody, division of property, and spousal support. These are all matters that can evoke a high level of emotion, and the process of achieving a legal resolution can be frustrating. Though most people assume that a divorce proceeding and all of its related matters can be resolved quickly, easily, and all in one step, the state of Pennsylvania has created a system that divides each stage of a divorce into its own separate section, with each part needing to be resolved independently.  One of the best ways to address the challenges of this system is to equip yourself with an attorney who knows the system well and can help you navigate its complexities. For a Philadelphia family law attorney with the experience and knowledge you need, contact Christopher Bagnato at Jensen Bagnato, P.C.

Fault and No Fault Divorce

Pennsylvania is what is known as a no-fault divorce state. This means that if both members of a couple agree to dissolve their marriage they may do so, and that is the way that most divorces in the state proceed. Fault divorces occur when one partner in the marriage wishes to divorce and the other is unwilling: in these cases the filing partner must prove that the other engaged in conduct that justifies the divorce: this may include adultery, physical or mental abuse, abandonment of at least one year, cruelty or bigamy. If one partner does not consent to the divorce, then the law requires that the couple be separated for two years.

Child Custody and Child Support and Property Division

Once a couple has filed for a divorce, even if it is a no-fault divorce, they are required to face each of these important issues separately. Having an experienced Philadelphia Pennsylvania divorce attorney who is familiar with all of the rules, guidelines and proceedings of the court will provide you with a tremendous advantage, allowing you to fully understand the process and its requirements. A knowledgeable attorney can help you to gather all of the supporting documentation you need regarding household expenses for child support, income for spousal support, and financial statements for property division. They can provide you with an unbiased voice during the course of negotiating a child custody schedule that will be amenable to both parents and be in the best interests of your children, thus avoiding undue stress and animosity. Family law issues can be extremely difficult, but having a reasonable, experienced attorney advising you along the way can reduce the challenges and make the process run more smoothly.

Family Law Services

Family law issues extend far beyond matters of divorce. At Jensen Bagnato, P.C., our family law attorneys can help you with all types of challenges and legal matters, including:

  • Adoption
  • Business Valuation
  • Child Custody Modification
  • Child Support Modification
  • Divorce Mediation
  • Fathers’ Rights
  • Grandparents’ Rights
  • Military Divorce
  • Protective Orders/Domestic Violence
  • Stepparent’s Rights

The skilled professionals at Jensen Bagnato, P.C. understand how important and challenging family law issues can be, and we are here to help. Contact our office today to set up an appointment to discuss your individual needs.