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At the offices of Jensen Bagnato, P.C., a Professional Corporation, we have over 30 years of experience in family law matters, including annulments and separation agreements. We take an interdisciplinary approach, viewing your problems from a number of different perspectives, so that we can identify any potential challenges and help you take the right steps to achieve your objectives. When necessary, we will work with other lawyers or law firms to identify and put in place solutions that meet your specific needs. We offer creative and innovative legal thinking in a results-oriented manner.

Experienced Counsel in Annulments and Separation Agreements

A separation agreement is a legally binding agreement made by parting spouses, setting forth the terms of agreement once one of the parties has moved out until a divorce complaint is filed. The separation agreement addresses all issues related to the marriage, including

  • Child custody
  • Child support
  • Alimony payments
  • Division of marital debts and assets

The agreement is made in writing, signed by both spouses, and formally witnessed and signed by a notary public. The parting spouses’ debts and property are then frozen and are officially divided between each spouse. Neither husband nor wife is responsible for the debts of the other from that point forward, nor is he or she free to sell or otherwise convert any marital assets.

At the law office of Jensen Bagnato, P.C., we represent either party in all matters relating to annulments or separation agreements. We built our reputation on a commitment to personal service and attention. When you hire us, we will give up our goals to focus exclusively on your goals.

It should be noted that an advantage of a separation agreement to a couple in the Cherry Hill area is that, after 18 months apart, they are able to petition for a “no-fault” divorce. Many couples prefer to use living apart with no chance of reconciliation as grounds for an eventual divorce, rather than more prejudicial options like, “extreme cruelty.”

You do not have to go to court to create a separation agreement, but a person who drafts their own is taking a risk with regard to some very serious issues. You need an attorney who understands all the factors addressed in separation agreements to ensure that no important issues are overlooked, and that your best interests are fully represented in the final agreement.

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