Fathers Rights

Philadelphia Fathers Rights Lawyer

The Philadelphia family law attorneys of Jensen Bagnato, P.C. are often asked about child custody for fathers. Of course the most frequently asked question by their clients who are fathers, is do father get custody also? With more fathers staying home with their children and the change in society fathers are receiving custody much more often than in past decades.

According to Philadelphia custody law there two ways to decide which parent or family member will receive custody of the children. Jensen Bagnato, P.C. child custody lawyers always try to first assist the parents in coming up with a custody solution that works best for their children without going to guardianship litigation by using mediation. However, in some cases the two parties have different ideas of what would best benefit their children and cannot come to a custody agreement. When this occurs the child custody lawyers of Erik B. Jensen will represent you through litigation, protecting your rights as a parent in court. Child custody for fathers is dealt with the same process as a mother’s custody in court. The judge will look at a broad criteria to find the best fit and able parent for custody. The judge may first take into account the child’s age. If the child is older they will greatly consider who the child wishes to have custody. It is also very important for the judge to look at the ability, capability, and lifestyle of each parent and how they are able to provide for their children. The judge will also look at who was the primary caretaker? In guardianship litigation the judge will consider many factors for custody.

Philadelphia Attorneys Protecting Fathers Rights

Of course each family is very different from one another and therefore the questions asked by the judge will vary as well. If you and the other parent would like to try work out custody without going to court, a child custody law firm can greatly assist in making this process as smooth as possible. If you are unable to come to an agreement you will want an experienced custody firm representing you in guardianship litigation to assist you come up with the best defense that fits your situation.