Philadelphia Child Visitation Lawyer

When your marriage ends in divorce and you have minor children, your most important concern will be the time you get to spend with your children. As a parent, you want what’s best for your child, so that they don’t feel shuttled back and forth all the time. But you also want to play a meaningful role in their growth and development. To protect your interests, you want an experienced attorney, one who has successfully worked with others in similar situations.

At the offices of Jensen Bagnato P.C., a Professional Corporation, in Philadelphia, we have worked closely with custodial and non-custodial parents in Pennsylvania and New Jersey since 1984, providing sound and comprehensive guidance in all matters related to visitation and parenting plans. We work as a team, helping you identify all your options as well as any hurdles you may need to overcome. We pride ourselves in our commitment to seek innovative and creative solutions to family law disputes, focusing our efforts on getting the outcome you seek.

Protecting Your Visitation Rights

We represent non-custodial and custodial parents in visitation disputes, helping you put an agreement in place that promotes the best interests of your children while ensuring a meaningful parent-child relationship for both parties. We will work with you at any stage of a divorce, whether you have just filed and need to establish temporary arrangements while your divorce is pending, or your divorce is final and you are involved in proceedings to modify or enforce an existing order.

When resolving visitation issues, we will always give priority to the needs of your minor children, and will consider their medical, educational, religious or other special needs when putting a parenting plan together. We will also consider any extenuating circumstances, including whether or not there is evidence of domestic violence or abuse, substance abuse or other activity that poses a threat to your children. We can help you seek a restraining order or a protection from abuse (PFA) order when appropriate.