Dog Bites

Most dogs we see in our daily life are more interested in making friends than nipping fingers, but even friendly dogs may bite without provocation.

It’s always good to be cautious around a strange dog. Responsible dog owners take great care to make their canine friends and the humans they interact with safe and comfortable by utilizing proper leashes, training and muzzles – if necessary – for their dogs. But sometimes, owners are not responsible, and dogs will behave like dogs. Bites happen and when they do they can result in very serious injuries requiring medical care or reconstructive surgery, disfigurement and even psychological trauma.

Because dog bites can be so difficult, it’s important that you know you may be entitled to compensation from the dog owner. If you’re bitten by a dog, you need to seek medical care ASAP, document your injuries with pictures and get in touch with an attorney who is experienced with dog bites.

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