Surgical Errors and Negligence

Surgery is a complicated process performed by professionals.

When we go under the knife, we trust that the surgeon is competent and will be able to perform the surgery without any issues. But even the most minor surgeries can lead to serious complications when the surgeon makes a mistake. When those mistakes are caused by negligence, drugs or alcohol, or incompetence, this can constitute medical malpractice.

Any surgery can potentially lead to a surgical error, but these are examples of common procedures and the problems that may occur:

  • Hysterectomy – while performing a hysterectomy, surgeons may nick the bladder or intestine which can lead to excessive bleeding and, potentially, blood clots.
  • Colonoscopy – while performing a routine colonoscopy or during polyp removal, the colon can be perforated, leading to sepsis as bacteria from the colon enter the abdomen.
  • Operation on Hands, Elbows, Back and Neck – During these surgeries, a surgeon may damage a major nerve, resulting in nerve damage that can have serious mobility consequences.
  • Anesthesia – administering too much anesthesia can result in lack of oxygen to the brain, causing brain damage or even death.

Surgical errors can lead to major repercussions for patients. If you or a loved one experienced emotional or physical suffering because of a surgical error, the Jensen team can help. Our Philadelphia-based, medical malpractice attorneys are ready to fight for you to get the compensation you deserve.