Nursing Home Negligence

When a loved one enters a nursing home, you’re placing immense trust in those who will be caring for them.

Many nursing homes strive to make life comfortable and fulfilling for residents. But often, some nursing facilities will cut costs, which can lead to understaffed and overwhelmed nursing homes. When this happens, your loved one becomes much more likely to be the victim of abuse or negligence. Negligent staff and pure cruelty can also lead to serious issues in nursing homes.

It’s important that you are vigilant with nursing home residents you care about. There are signs you should be aware of that indicate neglect and abuse:

  • Bedsores
  • Poor hygiene
  • Dehydration or malnutrition
  • Personality changes, such as depression, anxiety or aggression
  • Bruises, broken bones and other injuries

Sometimes, even short stays in a nursing facility, for example while rehabilitating after a surgery, can result in serious problems. Two recently settled cases involved a delay in diagnosis at the surgery site while the individual recovered.

If someone you love has suffered a loss of rights, dignity, privacy or care, have been robbed or injured by nursing home staff, it’s important you start documenting any evidence and contact a lawyers right away. The law offices of Jensen Bagnato are experienced fighting for those who are most susceptible to injustice, including those in nursing homes. We’ll fight for your loved ones like they’re our own. Get in touch as soon as possible.