SSDI Benefits for Those Over Age 50

Social Security Disability Insurance exists to provide income for those who are no longer able to do the work they once did as a result of an injury or illness. Though this safety net is available for all, it is not necessarily easy to qualify: in order to get SSDI benefits it is necessary to fill out an application and prove yourself eligible, and this process can be frustrating. Though many encounter disheartening roadblocks through the application process, once you are over the age of 50 you are likely to find that the program’s administrators are more forgiving.

In assessing your ability and the level of benefits to which you are entitled, the Social Security Administration categorizes potential beneficiaries by their ability. These categories are broken down by how much lifting an individual is able to do, and are labeled as sedentary (can’t lift more than 10 pounds); light (can occasionally lift 10 pounds or less, but no more than 20 pounds); medium (can lift 25 pounds frequently, and occasionally as much as 50 pounds); and heavy (able to lift 50 pounds or more frequently).

Though the administrators use these gauges assiduously for younger workers, once an applicant is over the age of 50 the interpretation of each of these categories is used more flexibly. Workers who are between 50 and 54 may be approved for SSDI benefits even if they are deemed capable of performing at a sedentary level, and those who are between 55 and 50 may qualify for SSDI benefits even if they are revealed to be able to perform light duties. This more forgiving interpretation continues as workers age, with those between the ages of 60 and 64 may even qualify for SSDI benefits when they’ve been deemed capable of performing medium-level work.

Thought there are numerous anecdotal examples of these eased interpretations, it would be a mistake for anybody going through the application process to assume that will be the case for their claim. The best way to maximize your chances that you will get the SSDI benefits that you need for your disability is to equip yourself with an experienced SSDI attorney who will apply their knowledge to provide you with the best possible results. Contact us today to discuss your SSDI benefit eligibility.