When to Contact an Immigration Attorney

Though immigration attorneys spend much of their time helping those seeking citizenship or fighting to remain within the United States, their expertise is also valued by business owners and loved ones who need similar assistance navigating the complicated immigration system.  Though the process of applying for a visa or green card is something that can be done without professional help, the importance of getting it right makes using an immigration attorney a smart decision.

An immigration attorney can prove helpful under many different circumstances, including the following:

  • If you are overseas and need help applying for either a visa or for a green card, they can help to prepare your paperwork. They can also speak or correspond with consular employees to ensure that everything is in order and to clear up any questions they may have.
  • If you are seeking entry to the United States for a job, an immigration attorney can explain what paperwork you need to fill out, what documents you will need, and help you to get them in order and properly submitted.
  • If you are an employer who wants to hire a foreign national who is a skilled worker, an immigration attorney can help to navigate the labor certification process and ensure that you have followed all necessary steps to secure their employment, including the complex process of advertising for the open position.
  • If you are an American citizen who is engaged to a foreign national, an immigration attorney can guide you through the process of getting a K-1 fiancé visa or an immigrant visa, as well as through the green card status when appropriate.
  • If you have gone through the process of applying for entry to the United States and have been informed that you are “inadmissible,” your best chance of reversing this decision is with the help of an immigration attorney.
  • If you have been notified of impending removal proceedings, you will need an attorney throughout the entire process. Once deportation is activated and the courts are involved it is essential that you have experienced and knowledgeable legal representation.

The U.S. immigration process has always been challenging and has become even more so in the last several years. It is easy to become overwhelmed, confused, and frustrated by the paperwork, bureaucracy, and delays. Instead of struggling with immigration-related issues, contact our experienced attorneys and let us help you get through this complex process. We are here to help.