Are Divorce Rates Lower Among Millennials?

Though their parents or grandparents may take a dim view of their lifestyle decisions and their career choices, it seems that millennials are on the right track when it comes to making decisions about matrimony. In fact, they are on a far better path than can be said of their parents’ generation. Statistics sourced from the data and other reports indicate that there has been a nearly 20 percent drop in the divorce rate among the generation born between 1981 and 1996.

There are a number of theories as to why the millennial generation has a lower divorce rate than the Baby Boomers who came before them. Much of it may, in fact, have to do with their parents. The Millennial generation saw their parents rack up one of the highest divorce rates ever recorded, and in many cases, they were the ones who took the brunt of it. Even the most civil divorces are hard on children, and as a result, kids who grew up in divorced households have apparently pledged not to let it happen to them.

There are many other reasons why millennials are divorcing at a much lower rate. Couples are entering into marriages later, when both have settled down emotionally and have careers that are well established. There is a tendency for each to be financially stable and to have given real thought into what their life goals are and with whom they want to achieve them. Waiting for marriage has allowed them to earn undergraduate and graduate degrees while spending more time assessing potential partners, learning what they like and don’t like, and living together to determine whether they are compatible.

Interestingly, at the same time that the divorce rate has fallen, so too has the ratio of college-educated women getting married compared to those without a degree. These women have a stronger sense of self and of their economic independence and stability. They do not seek a partner to support them – instead, they are making choices based on mutual respect. It has apparently made a big difference.

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