Learn the Laws for Sex Crimes in Philadelphia – What You Need to Know

The law enforcement community in the city of Philadelphia takes sex crimes charges extremely seriously. A sex crime is defined as forcing or threatening another person to engage in a sexual act that they do not want to participate in, but it is important to understand that rape is not the only sexual offense that falls into this category. There are some instances where there no force or threat is used, but an act is still considered criminal because a victim is unable to give consent due to age or mental capacity. Some sex crimes, such as possession of child pornography, don’t involve physical, sexual contact with a victim at all. If you have been charged with a sex crime in Philadelphia, it is essential that you contact a capable, confident criminal attorney who can provide you with a sound and aggressive defense. The law firm of Erik B. Jensen Attorneys at Law can provide you with experienced legal representation.


There are a number of different sex crime charges that we have successfully defended our clients against. These include:


  • Rape
  • Sexual assault
  • Sexual abuse of children
  • Child pornography
  • Prostitution/Solicitation
  • Molestation
  • Sexual exploitation
  • Illegal distribution of obscene and other sexual materials (includes sexting)
  • Indecent assault


The penalties for sex crimes can be extensive; the most serious charges are classified as Felony 1 crimes that can lead to life sentences in prison, while other sex crime convictions are misdemeanors that come with court-ordered counseling, expensive fines, jail time and community service. In many cases a conviction will require that you be registered as a sex offender, which is a title that will follow you for the rest of your life. Registering as a sex offender requires that wherever you live, you register with the local police so that they can disclose your status to the public.  Your status as a sex offender is an inescapable stigma that may even prevent you from living where you choose to, holding specific jobs, or interacting with certain types of individuals.


Sex crimes laws are constantly changing. The popularity of the internet and the use of smart phones has introduced “sexting”, the sending of sexually explicit photos. When the subjects of these photos are underage the possession or sending of these photos can be interpreted as possession or distribution of child pornography, though that may not have been the intent of the person who has been charged with the crime. Those who have been charged with sex crimes need to act quickly and decisively to defend themselves, and this means putting yourself into the hands of a qualified, experienced Philadelphia sex crimes attorney who understands the way that the system works and how to get you the most favorable result possible.  Contact our office today for representation by Philadelphia criminal defense attorneys who will work aggressively to protect your reputation and your rights.

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