How A Philadelphia Bankruptcy Lawyer Can Help You Get Back On Your Feet

When you think about how much time we spend either making money or spending money, it is no wonder that getting into debt is so stressful. Being unable to pay bills can feel like sinking in quicksand, and finding a way out seems impossible. If you have found yourself facing foreclosure and getting calls from creditors, then Erik B. Jensen Attorneys at Law can help. We are Philadelphia bankruptcy lawyers who provide high-quality legal services to clients considering bankruptcy, and we have a strong record of successfully helping clients who were at the end of their financial rope. Call our office today to set up a convenient appointment and let us explain how a Philadelphia bankruptcy lawyer can help you get back on your feet.

At Erik B. Jensen Attorneys at Law, we have a strong knowledge of the law, and we apply that knowledge to address your debt relief issues. We will take a close look at your situation, asking all the right questions until we have a full understanding of your level of debt and your assets, then make a recommendation that will help you to rebuild and start over again. We know that the idea of filing for bankruptcy can be difficult for many people, so in addition to providing you with the technical and legal information that you need, we also provide you with support and understanding. We will guide you through the complex process of filing for bankruptcy, helping you to understand what your options are, preparing your documents, and making sure that you understand the process. Perhaps most importantly, we will take actions that stop calls from creditors and provide you with real answers about how to hold onto the things that are most important to you.

One of the most upsetting aspects of being in debt is often the phone calls and letters imposed by creditors. At Erik B. Jensen Attorneys at Law, we use our knowledge of bankruptcy law and creditors rights to put a stop to the threats that you are receiving. Whether you are concerned about wage garnishment, home foreclosure, or any other creditor actions, filing for bankruptcy puts an end to creditor harassment. A Philadelphia bankruptcy lawyer can stop wage garnishment, put a halt to bank account levies, and depending upon the type of bankruptcy that is appropriate for you, can even stop home foreclosure or car repossession.

The Philadelphia bankruptcy lawyers at Erik B. Jensen Attorneys at Law will work with you personally. We will provide you with a comprehensive overview of the different types of bankruptcy available and the advantages and disadvantages that each present, and create a route to financial stability for your future. Call our office today to set up an appointment.

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