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When Philadelphia residents find themselves with a legal need there are always concerns regarding their exact situation. These concerns can quickly turn into highly stressful situations without proper legal guidance. Whatever legal situation you are facing or what you are going through is very serious with the potential to be life altering. Enlisting the help of an experienced attorney behooves you.

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If you are struggling financially one of your biggest concerns is how to make the non-stop calls from creditors stop. Another major concern may revolve around preventing your home, where you raise your family, from being foreclosed on. A common fear when enduring difficult financial times is the fear that you will wake up one morning and find that your vehicle has been repossessed due to being behind on payments. Wage garnishment, judgment satisfaction and getting out from under credit card and medical bill debt are also common concerns if you are out of work, have been injured or are unable to make ends meet for any other reason. You may also suffer many sleepless nights wondering how you can get out of the financial bind that you are in if you have seemingly insurmountable debt. Consulting with a Philadelphia bankruptcy lawyer regarding your options for obtaining debt relief is a wise move.

Enduring the dissolution of a marriage may have you consumed with angst, betrayal, fear and other uncomfortable emotions regarding your marriage or relationship. You may wonder when and how frequently will you be able to see children, what will be the financial repercussions of your divorce as well as where will you live as usually one person moves out of the primary residence in a Philadelphia divorce.

If you have been arrested for any type of criminal charge such as assault, DUI, or drug possession you may be facing severe administrative, financial and legal consequences. The effects of a DUI charge, even a first offense, can lead to suspended driving privileges. That alone can cause you to lose your job as you are unable to get to work for a period of time. The full effect of a DUI conviction in Philadelphia is sometimes felt long after the conviction. 

For those facing first time DUI charges the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania offers a first offenders program known as the Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition Program (ARD). If the program is completed successfully you may be able to have your record expunged. Not everyone qualifies for the ARD program so it is important to discuss your case with a Philadelphia ARD Attorney.

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