Are Personal Injury Lawsuits More Common in Winter?

Personal injury lawsuits are filed by those who have been injured or harmed by another person or entity’s negligence. The range of actions, accidents and incidents that can lead to a personal injury claim is nearly limitless and can include automobile accidents, slip and fall accidents, medical malpractice and product liability. Depending upon the type of case, personal injury claims need to be filed within a year or two of when an injury has occurred or been identified, and there isn’t necessarily a link between when an injury happens and the time of year that the claim is actually filed. Still, there are many types of injuries that commonly occur during the winter and eventually lead to victims seeking justice. Here are a few of the most common personal injuries that occur in winter and lead to lawsuits being filed.

  • Slip and fall accidents – Slip and fall accidents are the third leading cause of unintentional death in the United States, and they can happen at any time of year. Whether a slip and fall leads to death or injury, if it is the result of negligence it means that somebody has failed to respond to or protect against a risk that a reasonable person would have taken steps to prevent. During the winter, slip and fall accidents linked to negligence are caused by failures to shovel or plow snow and ice, to put down salt or sand to increase traction, and to clean up water from floors made slippery by melting snow and ice from shoes.
  • Motor vehicle accidents – Car crashes are far more likely to happen when a person is driving carelessly or inattentively on roads that are made more dangerous by weather conditions, and these accidents can lead to significant injury and death. An additional cause of automobile accident injury and death comes from inebriated drivers getting behind the wheel of their vehicle after holiday parties and gatherings.
  • Burns – Burn injuries happen frequently during the winter, with some occurring from space heaters, indoor fireplaces and outdoor fire pits, and many as a result of defects in holiday lighting.

No matter what time of year you suffer a personal injury, if you have been a victim of another person or entity’s negligence then you may have the right to pursue justice. To learn whether you are entitled to compensation for medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering and more, contact our personal injury attorneys today.