Can Divorce be Good for a Family?

There was a time when staying together for the children was the choice most frequently made by married couples who would otherwise have chosen divorce. That decision was based on a theory that children are better off in an intact family environment – no matter how miserable – than living in a single-parent household, or shuttling back and forth between two parents’ homes. Though there is no question that a nuclear family headed by two loving parents is highly desirable, that does not necessarily mean that all two-parent households are stable, safe, or healthy. When children are exposed to constant conflict and stress between the two most important adults in their lives, divorce may be the healthier and more beneficial choice.

If your marriage has devolved into a place where you or your spouse are feeling helpless, emotionally distraught, depressed, or angry on a constant basis then you are not providing your children with what they need most: stability and exposure to healthy positive relationships. Your marriage may be intact, but neither you nor your spouse are, and your children are likely to suffer as a result. Not only can they be harmed by living in a high-conflict environment, but they also have no model by which to learn how to engage in a healthy relationship. This can impact their own ability to relate to others as they mature.

As challenging as divorce can be, when couples that are frequently arguing or projecting negative energy into their homes separate, it often provides significant relief for their children. The animosity that pervaded every aspect of their lives disappears and is often replaced by two separate homes in which their parents are each at peace and better able to focus their energy and attention on them rather than on their arguments and grievances.

Children are healthier when their parents are emotionally intact, and if the only way for that to happen is by the parents separating from each other, then divorce may be the best thing for the entire family. If you need information on the steps to improving your family’s quality of life, contact our compassionate divorce attorneys today to set up at time to discuss your situation.