Child Support 101 from a Philadelphia Child Support Lawyer

When a family that’s divorcing has children who have not reached adulthood, part of the divorce proceedings will involve the establishment of a child support order. Child support is money paid to the custodial parent each week by the non-custodial parent in order to ensure that the needs of the children are met. The state of Pennsylvania has established a formula detailed in a document called the Pennsylvania Support Guidelines. The formula’s calculation includes the income of each parent, as well as the number of children.  The guidelines are meant to create a fair division of responsibility for each parent.


If you need help applying for child support, or if your circumstances put you into a position that requires additional calculations and negotiation of the required payment, then a Philadelphia child support lawyer from Erik B. Jensen Attorneys At Law can be of tremendous assistance. We have successfully represented many divorcing parents through negotiations and in court, and have helped them to obtain a child support agreement that provides for their children’s needs.


The Pennsylvania Child Support Guidelines are based on the assumption that the parent who will maintain majority physical custody will be food, shelter, heat, transportation and all the other aspects of living that are involved in supporting a household. The child support provided by the other parent supports the payment of those expenses and others, including clothing and extracurricular activities, though there are certain expenses that are not included that are meant to be added in to the standard calculation. These other expenses can include daycare, childcare, the costs of summer camp, religious education, private schooling, and medical expenses.  Whether these expenses are included in support calculations often depends upon whether the children attended these activities prior to the divorce taking place. The Pennsylvania Support Guidelines are meant to keep children at an even par with other children who are in similar economic circumstances, and because of this when family incomes exceed the numbers provided under the guidelines, there is a high-end child support process that can be applied. This process requires that the dependent party provide detailed information regarding the children’s monthly expenses.


Once child support is established, it can always be modified based upon changes in circumstances for either party. These changes can include loss of a job, a significant increase or decrease in income for either party, the child reaching the age of eighteen or graduating from high school (whichever comes last), and many other circumstances. Filing the paperwork for a modification can reopen old wounds and require the intervention of a Philadelphia child support attorney again. Whatever your family law needs, the compassionate attorneys at Erik B. Jensen Attorneys at Law understand the challenges that you are facing. We will represent you and your childrens’ best interest throughout all proceedings, working hard to get you the child support that you need.

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