Commuting to Work after a DUI

Commuting to workOne of the most common and most understandable concerns of drivers who have been convicted of driving under the influence revolves around their ability to drive to work after their license has been suspended. Though in the past, the issue was resolved through an application for an OLL, or Occupational Limited License, Pennsylvania has recently revised its laws regarding DUI drivers’ license consequences, and the changes make it much easier for people to maintain their lifestyle while the public is assured that they are following safe driving rules. The new rule involves the required installation of an ignition interlock system.


The ignition interlock system law took effect on August 25th of 2017. It establishes that anybody convicted of driving under the influence – even those who are first time offenders – are required to install one of the monitoring devices in their car. Once the device is installed, in order to operate the vehicle the driver has to blow into the device. If their breath contains any alcohol at all, the vehicle will not start. What this accomplishes is providing state officials and the public with assurances that the person convicted of DUI will not be able to drive while under the influence, but still allows those who have been convicted to get to and from work and run the daily errands that make up so much of our lives and responsibilities.


Though the application of Pennsylvania rules vary depending upon whether the DUI is a first-time offense or a second (or subsequent) offense. Drivers who have never been convicted within a ten-year period will immediately have their license restored as long as the ignition interlock system has been installed, and will face little in the way of interruption of their driving abilities. Those who are repeat offenders will be required to serve a license suspension period of several months before they become eligible for an ignition interlock license and device.


The new law does not become effective until October 2018, so if you have recently been convicted or charged with DUI and need legal representation or information about applying for an Occupational Limited License, we can help. Contact our office today to set up an appointment.