Divorce Lawyers in Philadelphia – Helping You to The Next Chapter of Your Life

Marriage is hard, and sometimes two people who start out with the very best of intentions simply find that they are simply unable to make it work. If you have found yourself contemplating divorce, it’s important that you equip yourself with an advocate that will make sure that you are treated fairly and protects your rights. The divorce lawyers at Erik B. Jensen Attorneys at Law have extensive experience in representing clients in Philadelphia and helping them move on in a way that is healthy and secure. Contact us today to see how we can help.

Remember all of the paperwork that you had to do when you first got married? Applying for and signing marriage licenses and all the other steps needed to establish a marriage are nothing as compared to what you need to do in order to dissolve one, and if there are issues that need to be addressed regarding division of property, spousal support, child support or custody things are even more complicated. Whether your divorce is an amicable one or a contentious one that finds you battling over the smallest details, you need experienced legal counsel to help you navigate through all of the steps and make sure that everything is done correctly. Erik B. Jensen Attorneys at Law are divorce lawyers in Philadelphia with a well-earned reputation for being compassionate and effective.

At Erik B. Jensen Attorneys at Law, we understand that every marriage and divorce are different, with unique dynamics that depend upon what has caused the marriage to break up, the marriage’s assets, and whether there are children involved, but we work hard to find the best approach for each of our clients. We understand that signing the divorce paperwork does not usually signal the end of a once-married couple needing to work with one another – especially when there are children involved – so we make it our goal to offer solutions that will allow everybody to feel comfortable and to move forward without animosity. Where it is not possible to resolve issues through negotiation, we are prepared to represent our clients in court and are aggressive in our pursuit of their goals. We have a wide network of resources to assist us in supporting your case, including child and adult psychologists, forensic accountants, and private investigators.

As experienced divorce lawyers in Philadelphia, we know that it is our job to listen carefully to what your experience has been as well as what your wishes and goals are for the future. We will answer all of your questions and provide you with a detailed roadmap of the divorce process in Philadelphia so that you understand every step along the way and feel confident moving forward. Contact us today for more information and to set up a convenient appointment.

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