Philadelphia Bankruptcy Lawyer – How We Help You Reach the Next Chapter in Your Life

Bankruptcy. The mere word can send chills down the spine, and brings to mind images of homes fronted by foreclosure signs and vehicles being repossessed. But the truth is that filing for bankruptcy does not have to be a negative situation – in fact, when done with the help of a knowledgeable Philadelphia bankruptcy lawyer, bankruptcy can be the first step in the next chapter in your life.  Whether you are in need of an attorney to help you with a personal bankruptcy filing or a business bankruptcy, the Philadelphia bankruptcy lawyers at Erik B. Jensen Attorneys at Law are here and ready to help you through the entire process. Contact us today to see how our guidance can make a real difference.

The first thing that you need to understand is that bankruptcy does not mean that you have to lose everything that you own. In fact, filing for bankruptcy provides you with valuable protections. It stops creditors from contacting you to collect debts and provides you with the breathing space that you need to put yourself back on your feet and start over again. Filing for bankruptcy can eliminate your legal obligation to pay your debts and can stop repossession or foreclosure actions on your home or mobile home. With the help of the Philadelphia bankruptcy lawyers at Erik B. Jensen Attorneys at Law, you may find yourself able to make up for payments that you have missed on your home, your car or other property, and if items have been repossessed they may even be returned. By filing for bankruptcy you are able to escape from a number of the negative consequences that your indebtedness has created, including wage garnishment, the harassment of bill collectors, and the cessation of utility services.

There are many different types of bankruptcy that can be filed. Whether you are in need of a Chapter 7 bankruptcy which liquidates your assets and discharges your debts, a Chapter 11 reorganization of your business, a Chapter 12 bankruptcy, or a Chapter 13 debt adjustment that allows you to create a plan to pay your debts off, it is important that you are guided through the process by a knowledgeable Philadelphia bankruptcy lawyer that knows all of the ins and outs of the system. The attorneys at Erik B. Jensen Attorneys at Law will be able to review all of the particulars of your situation and assess exactly what needs to be done in order to preserve as may of your assets as possible and minimize any negative impact of your filing. Additionally, they will handle all of the paperwork, making sure that all documentation that is required is properly prepared and filed in a timely manner, and to provide you with legal representation should you continue to hear from creditors.

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