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If you were charged with a crime and didn’t get the results you wanted at trial, you may have a right to appeal the verdict. You want an experienced and aggressive criminal defense attorney, one who has successfully handled criminal appeals. The appellate process differs dramatically from the trial process, focusing on legal issues rather than factual issues. You want a lawyer who understands the rules and procedures governing appeals, who has helped others reverse unfavorable trial court rulings.

At the offices of Erik B. Jensen P.C., a Professional Corporation, we have protected the rights of criminal defendants in Pennsylvania and New Jersey since 1984. We are dedicated to the rights of criminal defendants, focusing on who you are and what legal services you need, rather than on what you can pay. When you hire us to help you with a criminal appeal, we will be there for you at every step of the process, making certain your rights are protected. We take an aggressive approach for our criminal clients, working to resolve your concerns in a timely manner but always focusing on getting the results you need.

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Criminal Appeals Attorney Philadelphia

If you have had a guilty verdict rendered against you, you may appeal the decision, provided there were mistakes of law during the trial. This can include erroneous decisions by the judge to admit or exclude evidence or even objections to a line of questioning. You may also be entitled to appeal if you can show that your attorney was negligent in his or her representation of you.

At the offices of Erik B. Jensen P.C., we understand the appeals process and can look at your case and quickly assess your chances of success in an appeal. If we believe that your rights were violated, we will aggressively represent you, no matter how difficult your appeal may be.

Because the appeals process focuses exclusively on issues of law, you need an attorney with a different skill set, one who knows how to conduct effective legal research, write persuasive explanations of the law (known as legal briefs), and make effective oral arguments before a panel of judges. We take pride in our considerable research skills and have prepared many successful legal briefs in criminal appeals. We have extensive courtroom skills and know how to protect your rights in oral arguments.

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