Pulled Over for a DUI in New Jersey? What to Do Next

When you get pulled over under suspicion of a DUI charge, especially when you are under the influence of alcohol or other drugs, it can be a scary moment. Depending on how you act during the traffic stop, your case can turn out either in your favor or against you. While there is no set checklist of how you should act during such a stop, there are some guidelines that can better prepare you for conduct with the officer.

Calm and Collected

Of course, staying calm and collected is easier said than done. Whether you are preparing a speech or dealing with an officer of the law, calming your nerves is important yet incredibly difficult. Looking like a nervous wreck will only raise suspicion. Rather than focusing on how the interaction can go wrong, assure yourself that you are fine and things will work in your favor. Also, after calming down, be sure to take note of everything that happens from a better headspace. The interaction could be used in your favor should you be charged.

Courteous and Willing

Be kind and cooperative with the officer can only help your case. In fact, the more you argue or the less cooperative you are will only paint a picture in the head of the officer of the wrongdoing that must have occurred for such a defensive reaction. In New Jersey, you only have the right to remain silent once you are under arrest. When the police officer is doing the investigation, you are legally obligated to answer questions. Of course, you are not obligated to admit to any wrongdoing, but you are obligated to provide your insurance card and identify yourself. Doing so while staying polite will only help your case down the line, as the officer will be more willing to let you go if you are cooperative.

Stay in Your Car

For the safety of everyone involved, be sure to stay in your car until otherwise directed. Further, keeping your hands on the wheel and only making movements as instructed will make things move more smoothly. After all, you are looking to get home quicker and not have a bigger issue on your hands.

Additionally, it’s important to take the sobriety test seriously and understand that refusal in New Jersey carries consequences such as losing your driver’s license. However, if you feel you were subjected to a test under wrong pretenses or feel you were under the limit yet the test has come back saying you were over the limit, contact us today. We will work on your behalf to ensure you face the lowest possible ramifications.