What to Look for in an Immigration Attorney

If you are in need of representation on an immigration-related issue, or even if you just have questions, finding the right immigration attorney can be one of the most consequential things that you do. Identifying a professional who is both qualified and honest is the key.

At the most basic level of qualification, an immigration attorney simply needs to have passed the bar exam and have been admitted to the bar association of at least one U.S. jurisdiction. Though you may think you need an attorney who is licensed in the state where you are residing, that is not the case: Immigration matters are governed by federal law, so your attorney can be licensed to practice anywhere in the U.S. (or one of its territories).

But there is much more to choosing an attorney then their eligibility.  You want to find somebody who is compassionate, diligent, and ethical, as well as one whose area of practice is in line with your needs. Immigration law encompasses so many different areas that you want to be sure that the professional you select has a record of success in accomplishing goals similar to yours. There are unfortunately many people who will try to take advantage of people who are desperate for answers, charging them for services that they do not need or representing themselves as able to accomplish something that may not be possible.

If you read and speak English fluently and your case is not overly complex or dire, there is a good chance that you simply need answers or to be pointed in the right direction. By the same token, if you are dealing with a situation involving a visa overstay, a removal proceeding or a person who has a criminal record, having professional representation rather than guidance becomes essential. A qualified immigration attorney should be happy to review your situation and tell you whether you have need of a lawyer or not, and will not pressure you to take on services that are unnecessary.

Finding the right immigration attorney is a matter of both qualifications and personality. You want to select an individual who matches well with you emotionally. One of the best ways to do this is to ask friends or relatives about their experiences and whether they have somebody that they can recommend to you. If you don’t know anybody with personal experience, your next option is to seek out an attorney who has received positive reviews online. The internet provides several different attorney review sites, and it is well worth your time and effort to read the comments that people take the time to post. If somebody feels strongly enough about an immigration attorney — whether their comments are positive or negative — then their experience is worth considering.

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