Immigration Fraud

Visa applications face intense scrutiny, and it is not at all unusual for those seeking immigration benefits to be accused of submitting fraudulent documents or information. These charges are extremely serious, and can not only get in the way of achieving your immigration goals, but being found guilty can ultimately lead to your removal from the United States and a permanent ban from applying again in the future. In order to protect your rights, you need an attorney who has both knowledge of immigration law and a successful record of providing effective criminal defense. The attorneys at Jensen Bagnato, P.C. have the experience and background you need.

Types of Immigration Fraud

Accusations of immigration fraud can take many forms. These include:

  • Marriage Fraud – The most commonly cited type of immigration fraud is the sham marriage, which is a marital union that has been joined for the sole purpose of providing immigration benefits to a foreign national.
  • Benefit Fraud – Every application and request for documentation regarding immigration benefits must be carefully and accurately completed. Any misrepresentation, distortion, or omission of facts that is deliberate is considered benefit fraud, even if it is perpetrated by a middleman.
  • Document Fraud – Submitting any type of forged or manufactured document rather than legitimate information is strictly forbidden. This includes creating or using fake identification documents such as a passport, driver’s license or Social Security card. Document fraud also includes purchasing these types of counterfeit documents, or being involved in identity theft to take documents or personal information belonging to somebody else.
  • Asylum Fraud – Asylum is offered to refugees who face persecution or dangers in their home countries. Any attempt to inaccurately portray a situation as worse than it actually is can be interpreted as fraud.

A Fraud Conviction Carries Serious Consequences

Being convicted of immigration fraud means more than being kept from citizenship or residency in the United States. It also carries a penalty for perjury, which can result in up to five years imprisonment as well as fines. It is essential that if you are accused of this type of activity you seek the assistance of an experienced criminal and immigration lawyer immediately in order to ensure that you have the legal guidance and representation that you need.

Any person seeking citizenship in the United States faces enormous challenges, and the situation is much more difficult when you’re faced with an accusation of immigration fraud. We can help. To schedule a free and confidential consultation with a lawyer, call our Philadelphia law firm by dialing (267) 202-4360. After working hours dial (888) 551-7149. For the convenience of our clients we schedule evening and weekend appointments upon request.