Workers Compensation

If you were injured on the job or suffered a work-related illness, then you could be wondering how you’re going to pay your medical bills, who’s going to cover your lost wages, and how you’re going to support your family.

Workers’ compensation laws protect employees who have been injured on the job, but the process of collecting benefits isn’t always simple, and it doesn’t always happen quickly. That’s where the Pennsylvania, and New Jersey workers’ compensation attorneys at the Law offices of Jensen Bagnato, P.C. can help.

What to Do After a Job Injury

Employees who wait too long to report their work-related illnesses and injuries sometimes find that the statute of limitations has expired, or crucial evidence is gone forever when they need to file a claim. At the Law Offices of Jensen Bagnato, P.C., we encourage all of our clients to act quickly and to follow these steps to protect yourself after a work injury:

  • Don’t hesitate to report your injury. Promptly report your injury or work-related illness to your employer or supervisor, and make sure to tell them you were hurt on the job, offering the date and location of the injury.
  • Seek medical treatment. See a doctor, even if you don’t think you need to. Injuries can get worse over time, and your medical records can serve as valuable evidence if you need to file a claim.
  • Don’t make assumptions. Even if you caused your own injury or had a preexisting condition, you may still be entitled to benefits.

The law offices of Erik Jensen’s strongest workers’ compensation cases are built on evidence that was quickly preserved. Don’t let another day pass without getting the legal help you need.

Protect Your Rights

Even if your workman’s comp claim doesn’t involve a lawsuit, speaking with a lawyer who knows the law in Pennsylvania, New Jersey may be beneficial. If you believe you have a workers’ compensation claim but have a dispute with your employer, contact the workers’ compensation lawyers at the Law offices of Erik Jensen by filling out a free initial consultation form or by calling us today for free.