ARD Program PA

Philadelphia ARD Program

The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, along with many other states, offers a DUI First Time Offender Program. These programs offer many advantages and benefits if you enroll and ultimately complete the program. In Pennsylvania this program is called Accelerated Rehabilitation Disposition. It is more commonly referred to as ARD. If you are a Philadelphia resident and are facing DUI charges you should speak with a skilled Philadelphia DUI Defense Attorney today.

Who Is Eligible For Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition In Pennsylvania

For the most part any first time DUI offender in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania is eligible for the program. There are a few exceptions such as being a minor and getting a DUI. If you have a history of serious and multiple traffic violations you may have a difficult time gaining entry into the ARD program. If, when you were pulled over for your DUI you had a child under the age of 14 in the car with you the ARD program will not be an option for you. A DUI with a child in the vehicle is one of the most serious types of DUI charges you can face.

Benefits And Advantages Of The Pennsylvania ARD Program

Driving under the influence is a crime anyone can commit. Regardless of your race, class, education level or socioeconomic status Pennsylvania offers a program for first time DUI offenders. This makes sense as the Pennsylvania legal system acknowledges that you may have just made a one time mistake. Some benefits and advantages of enrolling in the ARD program are:

  • Avoiding Jail Time
  • Minimal Drivers License Suspension
  • Possibly Having Your Record Expunged¬†After Completion Of ARD

The Cost Of The Pennsylvania ARD Program

The Pennsylvania ARD program is not free, nor is it an easy way to avoid jail time. It is a very rigorous program that can cost as much as $2,000.00. If, for any reason, you are removed or do not complete the program the fees are non-refundable.

How Long Is The Pennsylvania ARD Program?

There are 2 options for those accepted into the Pennsylvania ARD program. The normal amount of time is 12 months however there is a 6 month option. Having an experienced Philadelphia DUI Defense Attorney on your side is a wise move as they will explain both options to you. They will also help with the application process and you have a much better chance of getting accepted if you have an attorney.

Contact A Philadelphia ARD Attorney

Working with an experienced Philadelphia DUI Lawyer who is familiar with the ARD program is very advantageous and makes perfect sense. Philadelphia County DUI Defense Attorney Erik Jensen will explain all possible options to you so you can make the best choice regarding the ARD program. With many years serving those accused of driving under the influence in Philadelphia Mr. Jensen will defend your rights while attempting to keep the negative consequences of your pending drunk driving charges to a minimum. He is aware of the fact that you may have just made a one time mistake and will do his best to convey that to the prosecution. Achieving the most favorable outcome possible for you is his number one concern. This will help you to get your life back on track.