Slip and Fall

People often slip and fall. It’s sometimes unavoidable.

We lose our footing and down we go. But when a slip and fall is caused by unsafe conditions resulting from neglect or a lack of maintenance (for example, a torn carpet or cracked sidewalk) or from unaddressed weather conditions, a premises liability claim can help you recover damages for your injuries.

Although common, claims based on slip and fall accidents can be hard to prove. It’s important that you document the conditions that led to your fall as soon as you can and file a thorough accident report. Note what caused the accident, whether that’s un-shoveled snow, a parking lot pothole or a leaky pipe above linoleum floor in a grocery store.

Luckily, the attorneys at Jensen Bagnato have fought and won these kinds of cases before. We’ll fight to prove that the defendant knew that the situation was dangerous or should have know it was dangerous and that the conditions that caused the accident were their responsibility.

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